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Tony en Krystle Traen, de drijvende krachten achter de brouwerij, zijn al meer dan twintig jaar gepassioneerd met Viven bezig.

Krystle, één van de weinige vrouwelijke brouwers in België, is verantwoordelijk voor de smaak en de productie van de verschillende bieren die het gamma rijk is. Ze stelt de recepten samen en brouwt de eerste testbatches in de Damse ketels. Wanneer een nieuw bier geproefd en goedgekeurd werd door Krystle verhuist de productie naar de Proefbrouwerij in Lochristi om grotere hoeveelheden te kunnen brouwen.
since 1999
Tony staat in voor de administratie, het transport en de verkoop. Hij startte, ondertussen meer dan twintig jaar geleden, het Viven verhaal rond de kerktoren van Vivenkapelle en maakte er gaandeweg een internationaal gelauwerd merk van.



New website is launched

Viven has a new website where you can find our complete portfolio (originals, craft series and also the new experimtum beers). the online shop is now activated so you easily order your selection of beers.


Viven champagner weisse becomes a new member of the original portfolio

During the presentation of the new experimentum beers, we also get a lot of feedback from our clients (barowners, restaurants,...) This Viven champagner weisse with it's 4,8% alc and the use of champagne yeast was directly a full hit. We directly added this beer to our original portfolio.


Viven craft series

A new stream on craft beers are presented within the new brewery in Sijsele. We took the best from our experimentum beers and started brewing them on our new 12HL brewhouse. In this way we brewed at first our premium tripel, then the fantastic barley wine, the spiced ambree and the last beer to be added was our New England ipa. Cheers on the new beers...


New 12Hl brewery in Sijsele

The old brewhouse has become to small. So we build a new brewhouse in Sijsele, quit unique because the brewhouse was build in Sijsele! From now on we can work on the craft series, this will be our steady selection out of the many experimtum beers we already created.


Experimentum, new beers, you like them a lot or may'be a little less

With the new brewery in mind we start creating a new beer every month. We supply them to our bars who want to be a part of the experiment. they give us their feedback so we can keep up fine tuning the beers.


New brewing house in Sijsele

In 2015, the new brewhouse is ready to start in Sijsele. From this moment on many more beers can be created.


Starting up the Viven master ipa

In the meanwhile Tony's wife 'Krystle' has joined the adventure on the brewery, together they have the idea to brew a new ipa. This ipa should represent the story of Tony's grandparents. His grandmom was a German singer for the Germand officers that arrived in Damme during the second worldwar. Tony's grandfather was a master mechanic on the improvised landingsway between Sijsele and Bruges. Together they started their romance during the war, it was a big risque, but the love survived... Based on this story, they brew an ipa based on the Germand Merkur hop and called the beer Master! ipa ;-) cheers


Extra new beers within the range of Viven, Viven ale - Viven porter and Viven imperial ipa are the new members

Tony gets more occupied by brewing new beers together with Dirk Naudts. They start up some new test brewing with mostly the accent on hoppy beers. Fast enough they can see the beers are perfect to add to the portfolio of the beer. In 2007 the ipa style was net yet so well known, so we may say we are one of the first breweries to have an ipa served on European beer market.


Take-over of Viven

In 2005, the open question to take over Viven was there because Willy did not have anyone to follow up his work. Tony and his father had a beer distribution company that made deliveries through the region. In that way it was a simple and obvious take over without losing selling point and the continuation of Viven was insured.


Klooster van Viven becomes a new beer in the portfolio

Because the 'kapel van Viven' would no longer be the only version of beer to be served, the 'Klooster van Viven'(brown version of Viven) becomes a new member in the portfolio.


The start of Viven

Willy de Lobel was living in the small village calles Vivenkapelle. To honour his beautifull village with its unique character and chapel, he created the blond beer called 'Kapel van Viven'(means chapel of Viven). The beer had immediant succes with the other villagers and soon the whole region got to know this fantastic beer.

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